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January 19, 2018 2:27 am
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President Donald Trump has reveled in smashing political precedent, but on Thursday he followed his White House predecessors in one of Washington’s usually unspoken traditions: blurring the lines between a campaign trip and official business.

Jetting aboard Air Force One for a quick day trip to western Pennsylvania, Trump delivered a 25-minute speech at a heavy equipment manufacturing company. Though aides touted the visit to the facility in Coraopolis as a chance for Trump to promote his legislative agenda, an ulterior motive was not so thoroughly disguised.

“Will be going to Pennsylvania today to give my total support to RICK SACCONE,” Trump wrote in a morning tweet. He was referring to the GOP candidate in a closely contested congressional special election in the district where the president was headed. “Great guy,” Trump declared.

Reporters quickly noted the discrepancy, prompting Trump’s press secretary to issue a statement reiterating that the trip was, in fact, official business. But by then, Trump had given voice to a reality of the modern presidency – mixing politics and policy comes with the job.