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April 15, 2018 3:06 am
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A car is stuck in snow in Green Bay April 14, 2018, during Winter Storm Evelyn. (Photo submitted by Joshua Wesely)

OUTAGAMIE COUNTY (WLUK) — With Blizzard Evelyn making conditions treacherous on area roadways, Outagamie County has implemented a tow ban countywide.

During a tow ban, tow trucks are not allowed on those highways as their presence increases the danger on the roads. Vehicles will not be allowed to be towed away until the ban is lifted.

The Brown Co. Sheriff’s Office has advised people not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Vehicles are getting stuck and drivers are waiting a long time for help, clogging up roadways in the process.

Check 511wi.gov for current highway conditions across Northeast Wisconsin.

What does Blizzard Evelyn look like where you are? If you can safely take a photo or video, share it with us here: