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April 17, 2018 8:05 pm
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Start booking your summer travel this spring (Shutterstock)

Spontaneous summer travel may be fun, but a little planning this spring can save a lot of money come your summertime urge to getaway. Hipmunk analyzed historic summer travel booking data to determine the best times to purchase flights for your upcoming summer vacations, before prices rise like the temperature outside. To make the most of your tax refund, or just the travel potential in June, July and August, follow these data-sourced booking tips:

Book summer travel the week of April 23

To maximize domestic flight savings to save up to 12%, book your summer travel no later than the week of April 23.

Book holiday travel the week of April 23

Booking the week of April 23 can also save travelers up to 16% off Memorial Day flights and 14% of Fourth of July Flights.

Try not to fly on June 10

The most expensive day to fly in this summer is Sunday, June 10, with average flight prices at $386.

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