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April 18, 2018 5:45 pm
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If you haven’t decided on vacation plans in 2022, consider a trip to Mars.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti says a new SpaceX manufacturing facility planned for the Port of Los Angeles will be used to build the company’s  Big Falcon interplanetary rockets. SpaceX founder Elon Musk predicted in 2017 that the Big Falcon Rocket, designed for both interplanetary travel and lightning-fast travel here on the planet would be capable of reaching Mars by 2022.

Speculation that the Hawthorne-based company could build these vessels at the Port of Los Angeles has been growing since the Board of Harbor Commissioners signed off last month on a proposal for an enormous new building at land that SpaceX currently leases.

The plans call for a 203,450-square-foot structure, along with 12,000-gallon tanks for storage of argon, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen. Its ocean-based location would be critical, as the rockets will be too large to transport on city streets and can instead be deposited directly onto barges.

Construction on the project is slated to take between 16 and 18 months and officials say they expect to hire 750 workers.

Sharon Reardon, KABC News