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April 21, 2018 10:50 am
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Nestled between the end of March break and the beginning of summer, April is often one of the best times to fly across the country for cost-conscious travellers. And next week, in particular, will be the cheapest for domestic flights, according to data from travel comparison site Kayak.ca.Here are the cheapest places to fly to next week, according to the Kayak’s research*:Vancouver to Kelowna – median airfare is $124
Edmonton to Abbotsford – median airfare is $173
Story continues belowWinnipeg to Edmonton – median airfare is $219
Edmonton to Kelowna – median airfare is $242
Edmonton to Vancouver – median airfare is $272
“The median roundtrip airfare for the month [is] around $386, 44 per cent lower than December and 25 per cent lower than July, two of the most expensive travel months,” said Steve Sintra, Canada country manager at Kayak.READ MORE: Middle name mix-up costs Ontario couple dream vacationDon’t worry, though, if you can’t hop on a plane in the next couple of days. The price of domestic flights this summer is down seven per cent compared to last, according to Kayak. And this may be only the beginning of a new era of cheaper travel for Canadians.That’s because this may be the time when so-called ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCC) finally manage to take off in this country.“The arrival of new low-cost carriers to the market could be having an impact on driving down prices,” along with the major carriers adding new routes, said Sintra.Kelowna, B.C.-based Flair Airlines has been flying in and out of the cities where Kayak is seeing significant price drops for the summer, including Edmonton, Abbotsford, B.C., Hamilton, Ont., and Winnipeg, said Sintra. And Swoop Airlines, WestJet’s new low-cost carrier, will be flying similar routes starting in June.WATCH: Flair Airlines offers travel options for budget-conscious Canadians