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April 23, 2018 10:04 pm
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(WNDU) – Cases of the contagious virus hepatitis A are growing in two states that border Indiana. Local health officials say numbers are significant.

There’s been more than 300 cases and three deaths so far in Kentucky. Officials say most cases were around the Louisville area.

Michigan has the largest outbreak in the country – which includes 25 deaths.

“Since August of 2016, Michigan has had 815 cases of hepatitis A, to put that in perspective between 2011 and 2015 there was 327 total cases,” Lynn Sutfin, Michigan Health & Human Services spokesperson, said.

Hepatitis A is a virus that hurts the liver. It’s often spread through contaminated food and water.

But Michigan officials say most of their cases have been among high-risk communities.

“So basically through direct person-to-person contact and elicit drug use,” Sutfin added.

Though Indiana is advising people to get vaccinated, the state of Michigan is not going as far. Health officials there say simply washing your hands and good hygiene will help keep the virus at bay.

But the signs aren’t always clear.

“Hepatitis A is usually a mild virus. In some people it doesn’t show symptoms, in other ones it’s just a feeling of not-well being or loss of appetite and some show jaundice,” Dr. Luis Galup, Health Officer/St. Joseph County Health Department said.

Dr. Galup says avoiding raw foods and cooking food to its proper temperature are other ways to stop it from spreading.

Indiana has its own cases of hepatitis A, but the numbers are much lower. Health officials report 77 cases so far, this year. No deaths.

For more information on Michigan’s outbreak – visit Michigan.gov/HepatitisAOutbreak


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