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April 24, 2018 6:34 pm
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For wannabe astronauts and space tourists, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield offers a lengthy video guide that goes over the intricacies of spaceflight. In more than 9 hours of content, Hadfield’s MasterClass series covers everything from basic orbital mechanics and rocketry, to how to train as an astronaut, to what the future holds for space exploration.

“This class is for anyone who’s interested in exploration, and not just exploring space,” Hadfield says in the video series. “That’s the obvious core, being an astronaut, but you learn a lot of things along the way.” He adds that, as an astronaut, you learn “how to turn yourself into somebody different than you used to be” through diligent practice, observation and thinking about how to mitigate problems.

Here are some of his key spaceflight tips.

In this photo: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield flew three times in space and commanded the International Space Station during Expedition 35 in 2013.