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November 17, 2018 6:33 am
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A narrow batch of snow will streak through the midwestern United States with slippery travel into Saturday.

The snow is being triggered by a new push of cold air from Canada. A weak storm is riding along the leading edge of the cold air.

The snow swept through the northern Plains to end the week, creating slick travel conditions across North Dakota.

Into Saturday, the swath of snow will continue to streak across southern Wisconsin, Iowa, northern Illinois and northern Missouri.

The snow will affect the Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit areas.

The snow may reach southern Nebraska and northern Kansas by Saturday afternoon and evening.

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A general coating to an inch or two of snow is forecast for these areas. However, a few locations may pick up 3 or 4 inches.

While this might not seem like much, even a coating of snow is enough, given temperatures near the freezing mark, to create slippery conditions at a time when some people have already begun their Thanksgiving travel journey.

For the details on the timing and amount of snow expected for your area, download the free AccuWeather app.

This is enough snow to trigger deicing operations that may push airlines behind schedule a bit. Airline passengers should expect minor delays.

Static North Central Saturday

Keep in mind, because of the big storm in the Northeast spanning Thursday to Friday, many aircraft and crews have been displaced and the ripple effect from this may linger into the weekend.

Be sure to check with your airline, before heading to the airport for possible changes to your flight.

On Sunday, some rain and snow may linger around Indianapolis and spread to Cleveland and Pittsburgh for a time. While a few wet snowflakes or a dash of sleet may fall on Cincinnati, mostly rain showers are forecast for the Queen City.

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