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Prince Harry, 34, is currently in Zambia on a two-day trip without his wife, Meghan Markle, 37, who is resting in the UK.

The royal often chooses overseas tours to show off some of this skills to the public, such as playing football or dancing in local ceremonies.

However, during a trip to Dubai, the royal showed another side to him which many may have not known about.

During a speech, he managed to speak some Arabic to the crowd while thanking them for their help.

In 2013, he visited the country for a charity fundraiser to raise money for a children’s centre with his charity Sentebale.

While thanking everyone during the talk, he managed to say in Arabic: “Thank you for your generosity and all the very best with Dubai’s bid for 2020.”

However, some audience members were less impressed. Dubai resident Jamal Laaloui, 35, told The National: “It was not pure Arabic and his accent was not authentic at all.”

The event raised £624,000 which built the centre to help children living with HIV in Lesotho, a place close to Harry’s heart.

He first visited the African kingdom during his gap year in 2004 where he met Relebohile “Mutsu” Potsane, an orphan, who he later invited to the wedding earlier this year at the age of 18.

He returned earlier this year in June as part of his charity Sentebale to open a community centre.

Many members of the Royal Family can speak different languages.

The Queen is fluent in French, which she often shows off at state banquets when greeting guests from overseas, even speaking for ten minutes in the language on one occasion.

Prince William once wished China a Happy New Year in Mandarin, although most likely learnt the keywords and phrases.

During an anti-poaching message, he also tried his hand at Spanish, Swahili and Vietnamese with his father Prince Charles.

Prince George is even learning Spanish from his Spanish nanny, being able to count in the language.

His mother, Kate Middleton, spent three months in Florence during her gap year although has admitted to not being able to speak any Italian.

Prince Philip, although originally from Greece, admitted not remembering any Greek.

This was most likely due to fleeing the country at the age of one after his families life was at risk.

Another unusual language choice is Russia, which the Queen’s cousin Prince Michael of Kent speaks.

However, most of the Royal Family can only speak English fluently.