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A passenger was caught on camera doing something very strange during a flight.

During a flight to New York, a woman was spotted during the night with her own light on.

On closer inspection, she appeared to be putting on a full face of make up.

A fellow traveller caught her entire beauty routine on camera.

In the video, the woman put all of her beauty products and creams on the pull out tray table, with at least six bottles spotted.

Holding a mirror to her face, she seemed to be putting on some foundation with her hair pulled back.

She meticulously applied it, rubbing it over her face from her hand.

It isn’t made clear why she chose to do it in her seat as opposed to the plane bathroom which has much larger mirrors.

The video has conflicted people over whether it is impolite to do it in public or not.

Titled: “The Whole Shebang”, Instagram user Eddie Going posted it to his social media.

Many of his followers admitted to doing what the woman was doing.

One wrote: “Skincare is very important.” Another remarked: “This is basically me on every long flight.”

Passengers should be aware of using the plane tray tables as they are known to harbour a number of germs.

They are some of the dirtiest parts of the plane with some passengers even using them to change baby nappies.

Other bizarre antics have been spotted onboard a flight by eagle-eyed passengers.

One woman was spotted giving a man a pedicure in the middle of the flight.

Disgusted online users were shocked by the rude and unhygienic activity.

Some passengers try and stay active on the plane by doing onboard yoga.

Two travellers took it further by using the galley for some very acrobatic moves.