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Meghan Markle, married to Prince Harry, is well used to travelling thanks to her previous role as an actress as her current position in the royal family.

She has perfected the art of travel during her lifetime and has shared her tips with fans.

On the Duchess’s now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, Meghan revealed there’s one item she always packs when she travels.

The item is particularly useful when flying and can help travellers feel cosy and at home.

Meghan explained she will always take a well—worn scarf with her on trips.

She explained on The Tig, that it was particularly helpful for making her feel snug.

There’s also the advantage that it can easily be thrown into a bag, making it a convenient comforter.

“This has become invaluable to me when catching some Zzzzzs on a flight, or feeling swaddled in a hotel room,” Meghan wrote on the website.

“Throw it in your purse or backpack, and no matter how far you travel, you will always feel comforted both on and off the plane with something that feels and smells like home.”

Her trick of packing an old scarf is far from her only piece of travel advice

Meghan also revealed on The Tig that there’s a great way to beat jet lag.

She got the tip from her friend, designer Misha Nonoo, who told her the importance of keeping your body and brain in the time zone of the country you’ve landed in.

The key is to follow the meal times of the country you’re staying in rather than matching what you’d do at home.

“By simply eating a meal at the time the locals are when you land, you trick your brain a bit and stay much more on track, and much less cranky,” Meghan wrote in a blog post.

Meghan and Harry visited Australia and New Zealand as part of a royal tour last month when beating jet lag would have been key.

During the visit, the Duchess of Sussex revealed another tip for combatting jet lag.

Mum-to-be Meghan told a local while visiting Bondi Beach with Harry that practising yoga helps. 

She revealed she gets up at 4.30am for a yoga session to give her the energy she needs for the day.

“Meghan told me that pregnancy was like having jet lag,” local Charlotte Connell, 35, said, as reported by Sky News.

“She said she was up at 4.30am this morning doing yoga in her room as she couldn’t sleep.”