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Flight attendants experience some of the weirdest things while 30,000 feet in the air. Dealing with passengers can often be difficult when they are rude or even violent. A recent online forum revealed some of the worst things that have happened on a plane according to cabin crew. One flight attendant told the story of a rather brazen passenger.

Miriam Frafar, who is a flight attendant on a German airline, revealed how a passenger’s breakfast was rudely stolen by his neighbour.

“I was giving out breakfast two hours before landing on a night flight,” she explained.

“A lot of passengers were sleeping.

“When they do, and if I can drop the table, I will and put their breakfast tray on it.

“Otherwise I would go back and forth for ages as passengers slowly wake up one after the other.”

“After breakfast I was picking up the empty tray, when this one passenger asked me for his breakfast.

“I did put his breakfast on his table, but the guy sitting near him just ate it!

“I couldn’t believe it! He ate his breakfast and the one belonging to his seat mate!”

Thankfully the plane had some spare meals, she explained, thanks to other passengers not wanting their breakfast.

Passengers who want to get the best meal on a flight should sit in a particular place, according to a different flight attendant.

They explained to Readers Digest how it depends on which way the plane is flying.

“If going west to east or south to north sit in the last two rows of first class,” they explained.

“If you want your first choice of meals in First Class, book your seat in the first two rows when going north to south or east to west.”

While they do not go into detail why this means getting the best meal, it could be due to the location of the food trolley.

Depending on where the plane departed from, the trolley could be at a different end of the plane.