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Flights for many people are an opportunity to wear comfortable clothes so they can relax as much as possible. However, some fliers make bizarre choices when it comes to their travelling wardrobe. A flight attendant has revealed she once spotted a woman who was left red-faced by her odd fashion decision. Betty N. Thesky unveiled the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in her book ‘Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase.’

“We were flying from Bermuda back to New York and there was a very classy woman sitting in first class,” a flight attendant Betty spoke to said.

“She was wearing a tropical island kind of dress, a wrap-around affair. When we arrived and first class was disembarking she reached up to get something out of the overhead bin.

“Just at that moment whatever was holding her dress up suddenly let go and the dress landed in a puddle around her feet – and she not wearing a single stitch of clothing underneath.

“In a panic she collapsed into her seat and we quickly there a blanket over her but she sat there mortified until the last passenger has disembarked.

“By then she had regained her composure, and as she put the dress back on, she told us, I guess that’s why your mother tells you to always wear underwear.’”

‘Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase’ was published in 2010 and can be bought on Amazon for £7.66 

Some passengers, however, show very little shame when they do purposely do unusual actives on planes.

A shocking viral video captured a woman urinating in the plane galley of a Wizz Air flight after she was refused entry to the toilets which, as protocol dictates, had been closed ahead of takeoff.

The alarming footage shows the woman squatting with a pool of liquid beneath her, her underwear and leggings around her calves with her bare bottom on show.

She was on the phone to someone while she publicly relieved herself, complaining about how she was not allowed to use the toilet.

Passengers had allegedly been prevented from using the loo while the plane was refuelling ahead of takeoff, reported The Sun.

“You have to help me before the flight takes off. I am peeing in the aircraft,” she tells the person on the other end of the phone.

She continues: ”I asked them if I could use the toilet, but they said I could not right now. So I am peeing in the galley. Right in front of them.”

The woman carries the conversation on as though the situation was entirely ordinary, despite the puddle of urine seeping across the galley floor.

“The police are coming because it is my fault. All my fault,” she adds into the phone.

She is then interrupted by an outraged flight attendant who shouts: “Are you being serious? That is disgusting. You are a grown woman. Get up off the floor.”

A man can be heard saying, “So you think it’s OK to p**s on the floor?” before the video ends.