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Yet the Google maps vehicle recently caused a bit of trouble for a donkey, who was floored at the sight of the company’s camera’s in his home patch. The animal was caught talking a stroll down a dusty desert path, in what must be a daily occurrence. He was seen trotting down the road in the middle of Botswana with no other living presence bar some trees on either side. The grey farmyard mammal looked to be perfectly content in his own company, taking its time to walk down the road.

Yet its tranquil outing was somewhat disrupted by the arrival of the cameras.

It was tracked cantering down the road before falling straight to the floor, in what looked to be an accident.

The donkey was seen lying on the dirt track on his right side, with its tail flailing around.

It is unclear what caused the sudden shift to the floor, though it could be because the arrival of the cameras had spooked it.

Alternatively, it could have just fancied a lie down in the sunshine.

Hopefully it made a speedy recovery and its collapse did not prove fatal, though the outcome is as yet unknown.

It is not the only painful animal antics to have been caught by the street view cameras of late.

Google maps cameras were quick to capture a spot of doggie drama, which left their owner with a painful injury. New images showed the dangerous consequences of a seemingly innocent trip out by a pet-lover and her two pooches.

The trio appeared keen to make the most of the sunshine in America, heading for a morning out. The female chose to ride her pink bike while the dogs trotted by alongside.

The animals – one of which was an Alsatian – were attached to her road bike handles with two separate leads.

They chose to travel down a relatively quiet stretch of road, lined by trees and lavender plants.

Yet the brunette’s decision to make sure her beloved pets could not stray too far nearly resulted in serious injury.

Embracing the sense of freedom, the images show how they surged ahead, causing the bike to topple over, taking the lady with it.

She can be seen sprawled in a heap at the side of the road, with her head facing the floor.