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Somalia has been granted the title of the world’s most corrupt country, according to the Corruptions Perceptions Index for 2018, sparking a glaring red flag for potential travellers to the African country. The state, which has a population of 14.7million, was closely followed by Syria in Transparency International’s latest findings. They placed war-torn Somalia with a score of 180, based on data from the World Bank and World Economic Forum and stated its unwelcome title was down to the decay of law and democracy. Transparency International flagged corruption was intrinsically linked to the two.

Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Somalia, including Somaliland except for the cities of Hargeisa and Berbera to which the FCO advise against all but essential travel.

Any British nationals in such areas of Somalia where the FCO advise against all travel should leave.

Any British nationals in Hargeisa or Berbera who are not on essential travel have also been advised to return home.

Delia Ferreira Rubio, the head of Transparency, said: “Our research makes a clear link between having a healthy democracy and successfully fighting public sector corruption.

“Corruption is much more likely to flourish where democratic foundations are weak and, as we have seen in many countries, where undemocratic and populist politicians can use it to their advantage.”

Meanwhile, rounding off the top five most corrupt nations behind Somalia and Syria are South Sudan, Yemen, North Korea, Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Afghanistan and Libya.

Tipping the other end of the scale, Denmark was hailed the least corrupt nation.

New Zealand, Finland, Singapore and Sweden concluded the top five.

Berlin-based organisation Transparency.org drummed up its latest index figures using 13 different data sources.

These included views of public sector corruption from experts on the geographical region as well as businesspeople.

It also considered the findings of organisations including the World Bank Country Policy and Institutional Assessment and the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index Expert Survey.

While Somalia has the less than coveted most corrupt title, the riskiest destination for solo travellers has also been revealed.

South American country Venezuela took this title, yet there are many commonalities for holidaymakers to look out for.

These include South Sudan and Afghanistan.

In the same study, by wegoplaces.me, Denmark came 10th in the safest destination for solo travellers list, which may prompt a spike in holiday bookings.