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The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, was nearly always by her side during official Royal excursions, which have seen the 92 year old travel the globe. The UK monarch has clocked up trips to more than 120 destinations since the age of 21, with the Duke of Edinburgh a familiar face next to her. Yet after the 97 year old’s retirement from official duties in 2017, Queen Elizabeth II has been joined by other members of the royal families. Ever the controversial figure, it has been revealed the Duke did not tone down his behaviour during frequent trips abroad.

Many of the visits were aimed at promoting diplomacy and strong relations between states.

Yet in a seeming contrast to the objectives in hand, he came under fire during the Queen’s 1972 state visit to France.

The voyage came before Britain’s planned entry into the European Common Market, with the father of four asked to make a speech at a signature event.

Yet in royal biographer Robert Hardman’s latest book, Queen of the World, he states how Prince Philip’s monologue was considered somewhat “dangerous heresy” by the Foreign Office at the time.

He wrote: “The Duke was not averse to taking on the Foreign Office. In his speech he put: ‘I do not believe we need to be mesmerised by the great debate about Britain and the Common Market.

“He was concerned that ‘Europe has achieved a level of prosperity higher than many other countries’ adding he wanted to see Europe help the ‘less fortunate regions of the world.

“Although few would quibble with his thesis today, it was viewed as dangerous heresy by the foreign office.

“William Adams, then head of the Foreign Office’s European integration department, wrote to his bosses warning that the Duke’s speech was ‘a gift to the anti-marketeers in Parliament and the country’.”

The duke’s office, he claimed, then received a “blunt letter” about his terminology.

Meanwhile, it was revealed how on such Royal excursions, how Prince Philip did not sit next to the Queen on the plane as they travelled.

He also made his feelings about travelling in Economy class on an aeroplane crystal clear.

Members of the Royal family usually always fly commercial class, particularly when venturing abroad for a personal reason, or on official duties they make take a private jet.

The latter helps the monarch and her relatives build strong relationships between states.

Yet that hasn’t stopped the dad of four from making his thoughts known on Economy class – usually the cheapest form of ticket on an airline – very clear indeed.

Prince Philip previously announced to the Aircraft Research Association: “If you travel as much as we do, you appreciate the improvements in aircraft design of less noise and more comfort – provided you don’t travel in something called economy class, which sounds ghastly.”