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Cruise passengers appear to have every demand and wish catered for while on board the ship taking them to their dream destination. Whether it be a comfortable cabin to rest their head after a busy day exploring on land, a glamorous choice of restaurants for on-board dining or a selection of evening entertainment to enjoy, staff attempt to make their experience hugely pleasurable. Yet despite their best, most concerted, efforts accidents can happen. Should a medical emergency occur on-board, it seems obvious there would be a doctor close by to assist.

The extent of medical possibilities available to sick passengers has now been highlighted, with some of the details perhaps proving shocking.

Former cruise ship worker Jay Herring has let slip operations can even be undertaken on board, although they are not common occurrences.

In his new book The Truth About Cruise Ships, he told of the extensive facilities available which customers may not ordinarily see.

He wrote of his time on-board: “The crew had free medical coverage during a contract but passengers paid on a per incident basis.

“The ship’s physician was a general practitioner and could administer antibiotics and other basic medication from an on board pharmacy.

“The infirmary had an X-Ray machine and a few hospital beds.

“Minor surgery was even possible although it was avoided whenever possible.

“The most common on board operation was an appendectomy, but even that was rare and only used as a last resort.

“Instead, the infirmary tried to stabilise patients until the next port, where they could be transported to hospital.

“In extreme cases, the coast guard could land a helicopter on deck to pick up a patient and fly them to hospital.”