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Thomas Cook Airlines is currently one of the more generous budget airlines when it comes to hand luggage. It currently offers its passengers more cabin baggage than rival low-cost airlines Ryanair and easyJet. This is because it lets travellers bring a piece of hand luggage one for free as well as one other item. It’s important to be aware of what you can and cannot bring on board for free otherwise you may end up getting charged a hefty amount at the airport gate. This is the travel advice you need to know.

How much hand luggage can you bring for free?

Customers flying with Thomas Cook Airlines receive a complementary hand baggage allowance.

This free bag must weigh no more than 6kg and has a size restriction: (H) 55cm x (W) 40cm x (D) 20cm.

Is more hand luggage allowed if you pay more?

Passengers who are travelling in Premium class can bring a complementary hand baggage allowance of 10kgs on board.

Can you bring a second item of hand luggage on board?

The good news for Thomas Cook passengers is that fliers are not restricted to just the one piece of cabin baggage.

Customers can bring one extra item. Thomas Cook has produced a list on its website detailing what can be carried as an extra piece of luggage.

What counts as an extra piece of hand luggage?

The extra piece of hand baggage includes: one laptop, one small lady’s handbag, a reasonable amount of reading material for the flight, and Duty Free items purchased behind security control or as a pre-order from the operating carrier.

It also includes: infant´s food for consumption during the flight, one overcoat or blanket, one umbrella, one small camera and/or one binocular, and assistive devices of persons with disabilities.

What happens if passengers have too much hand luggage?

The Thomas Cook website explains: “At some UK airports, a charge for a Gate Bag will now be applied.

“This means if customers arrive at the boarding gate with more then one item of hand baggage (excluding airport shopping and any of the above mentioned additional items) the extra item/s will be taken and put into the hold. There is a fee of £65 per bag.”

The airline recommends packing valuables such as cameras, jewellery, tablets etc. in your hand luggage.

What tips are there for beating hand luggage rules?

A frequent traveller has revealed their top tip for boosting the chances of your hand luggage getting past the eagle-eyed staff at the airport gate.

The passenger revealed it can make all the difference if your bag is black instead of colourful. This way, staff are much less likely to notice if it’s too big and it will not stick out. 

“Take a black case to blend in,” the anonymous traveller posted on Money Saving Expert.

“I made the schoolboy error of buying my case in florescent pink rather than black, which means I stick out like a sore thumb and get stopped every single time when boarding.”

“Never a problem and my case WILL fit in their cage, but I’ve always noticed people with HUGE black cases wheeling past me smugly while a poor flight attendant is sweating, trying to shove my case into the checker cage while saying ‘I’m sure it’ll go in’(sic).”

The passenger also recommended putting your case into the checker cage upside down to improve your chances of it being allowed on board.