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Holidays with hotels at bargain prices are undeniably popular but it’s important to keep your wits around you when booking a hotel room. A travel expert has revealed his travel advice for what holidaymakers should avoid doing when searching for a cheap hotel room. The advice comes as Expedia, Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, ebookers and trivago are investigated over misleading discount claims. The travel websites will now say if commissions they receive affect results and have agreed to be clearer with discount claims and hidden charges.

George Charles from Money Saving Heroes revealed it’s vital travellers do not give in to being rushed by booking websites.

It’s better to shop around and read reviews so you know you really are getting the best value for money.

“When staying in a hotel, it is a great idea to look for the best deals, but what may seem to be an amazing deal originally could actually end up ripping you off after you’re hit by charges that weren’t made clear from the beginning,” Charles warned.

“Hotel booking sites can be convenient and simple but always shop around. If in doubt, look up reviews that other consumers have said about booking websites and be vigilant.”

Holidaymakers are advised to check when booking that the advertised discount has definitely been applied.

“When you choose your hotel package, always double check the amount they are expecting you to pay and, if a discount was promised, ensure you are receiving it in full,” said Charles.

“It’s also worth noting that if you spot notifications saying things like ‘Hurry, only one room left at this price!’ do not feel pressured or rushed into making any financial commitments you are not able to make.

“These demanding messages are designed to make you feel rushed into making irrational and panicked booking decisions and could lead you to losing out on better deals on other websites.”

Of the latest news about the travel websites being investigated, Charles said: “I’m glad that something is being done about these misleading, confusing statements.

“Always shop around, always do your research and always look for the best deals when looking to book a hotel room.”

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is carrying out the investigation. The six companies have agreed to be more transparent, the CMA has said.

They have to make it clearer how hotels are graded, and make it known if hotels are placed higher up the lists because they have paid.

They need to not give a false impression of a hotel’s popularity with the aim of rushing customers into booking.

They will not place sold-out hotels within search results in a further bid to pressure customers.

The sites have to be transparent about discounts and only show deals available at that time. They also need to show charges such as taxes, booking or resort fees in the price.

If travellers are heading to all-inclusive hotels on their holidays they should look out for one thing in particular when it comes to hotel food. They should check if the food the hotel provides is being recycled – as this is a sign of a superior establishment.

“Customers should be comforted if they see food on a buffet that they feel has been recycled,” a restauranteur told Channel 5 documentary All Inclusive: Is it Worth it?

“It shows they’re controlling what they’re doing with things in the kitchen and being smart enough to know how to incorporate any element of food waste into a fresher dish on the day.”