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Google Maps street view, despite its name, doesn’t solely reserve its work for the sights and sounds of the roads and pavements. New images show they often switch land for water, and over ground for underground. Recent pictures showed the team venture to unchartered waters in Tennessee. They headed inside an aquarium, where one particular animal proved eager to hog the limelight.

A cheeky penguin was seen strolling up to the camera eager for its moment of fame.

The black and white sea animal stood with its beak and face staring straight into the camera while the images were taken.

It looked perfectly content in its aquarium home.

Meanwhile, visitors were seen with their faces glued to the action behind the thick glass.

The penguin was not in that particular environment.

While it lived above on the mock islands, the visitors were looking at the variety of coloured fish swimming inside.

It is not known how the cameras managed to get so close to the marine action, yet the image left some giggling.

Meanwhile in a completely separate animal themed incident, a pig caused hilarity among shoppers in Poland.

No ordinary cute pink piglet, this particular fun-loving mammal was in fact a man dressed up in a full head mask with beady eyes and a neon snout.

Its appearance was rather realistic, with two ears poking out from the top of his head and a leering look.

The cheeky chap had chosen the perfect place to play dress up, standing in front of a variety of meat-themed cushions in his shop in Warsaw, Poland.

Initially, the scenes appeared just like those in a butchers shop, with prime cuts of best pork behind the counter and on the walls.

On closer inspection, they proved to be the homeware accessories, with the store also selling a variety of quirky products.

T-shirts and logo bags lined the walls while the floor featured an eye popping monochrome design.

Not content with his pig posing behind the counter, he then moved to the shop door, where he continued the banter.