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Google Maps’ Street View team worked with the assistance of an armed guard as they plotted out desert territories. The unexpected scenes, taken in Russia, showed a man dressed in khaki combat gear and bandana headpiece marching alongside the cameras. The staff often venture out in cars or with airplane devices, yet the sandy terrain must have made this difficult. Instead, it appeared they made their journey by foot, increasing the potential for any security threat.

As the lens tracked the firm’s mission, the guard stood close by.

Perhaps anticipating some trouble, he was armed with a huge gun.

He carried it slung on his left shoulder and kept close watch on the cameraman.

They trekked through the beautiful Kamchatka Peninsula and the cordon Semyachik.

The sand could be seen swirling around in the jaw dropping imagery, which depicted a vast expanse of sand and stony walls.

Grassy hills and the gentle waves of the sea could be seen in the distance.

It remains unclear what the particular security threat was, or how long the guard accompanied the team.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, a Google Maps driver was embroiled in a police scenario in the UK.

The camera snapped a scene in Hertfordshire, UK which makes it look as though the Google driver has been stopped by a policeman.

The photo shows the uniformed officer standing next to the vehicle with a notebook in his hand.

A police car can be seen just in front of the Google car, next to a roundabout, suggesting the latter might have been pulled over by the policeman.

Nothing can be seen of the Google car or its driver in the scene and no other information can be gleaned from the image.

The viewer is left to simply guess whether the Google car has been snapped following a misdemeanour or simply caught at an unfortunate time.

This is not the first time a Google driver has been photographed in an embarrassing situation.

A driver who was working in Canada to map the region was caught in a rather awkward scenario when appeared to be completely lost and looked bewildered at his phone.